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Genres & Styles

Below are some of our favorite genres of vinyl records to buy. Click through to see more information about titles and artist.

Jazz Records – Jazz Vinyl Records – Sell Jazz Records

We buy many sub-genres/styles of jazz on LPs, 45s, and 78s: from the hot jazz of the 1920s & 1930s to the be-bop, hard bop, post-bop and jazz vocals of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Original pressings of these LPs are most desirable, but we also purchase later (usually 1980s) pressings of these classic recordings. We are also interested in soul and funk jazz from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, along with avant-garde, free jazz, spiritual jazz, and fusion. European and Japanese recordings may be of special interest to us, as well as white label promos, DJ copies, radio station collections, and records made by obscure artists.

Blues Records – Blues Vinyl Records – Sell Blues Vinyl Records

We buy all kinds of blues LPs, 45s and 78s: from the acoustic, pre-war country blues of the 1920s and 1930s to the electrified city blues of the 1950s and 60s and right on up through the present day. Southern, Delta, Texas and West Coast blues. Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis and New Orleans blues. Piano blues, guitar blues, jump blues. Rhythm and blues, British blues, blues revival, blues rock, etc.

Rock Records – Rock Vinyl Records – Sell Rock Records

We buy a wide range of sub-genres/styles of rock LPs , 45s & 78s: early rock & roll and rockabilly of the 1950s and 1960s; garage, psychedelic and British invasion of the 60s; progressive, hard rock and metal from the 60s, 70s, and 80s through to the present day; punk and hardcore from the 70s through the 90s; alternative, new wave and indie rock from the 80s through the present day as well as synth, electronic, folk, singer/songwriter, AOR, etc. White label promos, DJ copies, radio station collections, and records made by obscure artists may be of special interest to us, as well as UK pressings and certain other international pressings.

Soul Vinyl Records – R & B Vinyl Records – Sell Vinyl Records

We are interested in a wide variety of soul, funk, R&B and doo-wop LPs, 45s & 78s – from 1950s R&B to 1990s neo-soul and everything in between: northern soul, deep soul, southern soul, sweet soul, modern soul, and blue-eyed soul. Motown, Philly, Chicago, Detroit and Memphis soul. White label promos, DJ copies, radio station collections, and records made by obscure artists may be of special interest to us.

Disco Records – Disco Vinyl Records – Sell Disco Vinyl Records

We buy lots of 12” singles from the disco era – from the first 12” singles of the mid-1970s to the boogie and modern soul sounds of the 1980s on to disco rap, Latin disco, Italo, synth, imports, etc. White label promos, DJ copies, radio station collections, record pool collections and records made by obscure artists may be of special interest to us. We also buy disco music on LPs and 45s.

Hip-Hop Vinyl Records – Rap Vinyl Records – Sell Hip-Hop Records

We buy hip-hop and rap LPs, 12”s and 45s: from the disco rap and old school styles of the 1970s and 1980s to the golden era of the 1990s and even some indie rap through the 2000s. Random rap, gangster rap, electro, underground, Miami bass, etc. Promos, DJ copies, radio station collections, record pool collections and records made by obscure artists – often on obscure labels — may be of special interest to us.

Reggae Records – Reggae Vinyl Records – Sell Reggae Records

We buy reggae LPs, 45s and 12” singles: the early ska, blue beat and rocksteady styles of the 1960s; the roots, rockers and dub sounds of the 1970s; and some dancehall and digi-roots from the 1980s. Dub plates, blanks, pre-releases, UK and Jamaican pressings may be of particular interest to us. We also buy other Caribbean styles: early calypso, island soul, island funk, etc. from Trinidad, the Bahamas, Barbados, the Virgin Islands, etc.

Brazilian, Latin, Indian, African & World Vinyl Records

We buy Latin LPs, 45s and 78s from the 1940s through the 1980s. We are particularly interested in the more danceable styles: Boogaloo, Latin soul, salsa, Latin funk, Latin jazz, mambo, guaguanco, descarga, charanga, etc. Records recorded and manufactured in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and elsewhere across Latin America may be of particular interest to us, as well as many titles on the iconic New York Latin labels: Alegre, Cotique, Fania, Tico, Vaya, etc.

Classical Records – Classical Vinyl Records – Sell Classical Records

We buy certain collections of classical LPs. Classical LPs must be in Near Mint condition for us to consider purchasing them. Certain imports and UK pressings may be of particular interest to us, as well as some titles on RCA Living Stereo, Mercury Living Presence, Telarc, DGG (Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft), London and Columbia. Audiophile and digital recordings on labels like MFSL, Nautilus, and Philips can also be desirable. Chamber music, sonatas, partitas, violin, and cello performances, avant-garde and 20th century classical may also have potential to pique our interest.

Audiophile Records – Sell Audiophile Records

We have a special interest in audiophile pressings of many LPs, including labels such as: MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs), Analogue Productions, Classic Records, DCC, Music Matters, M&K Real-time, etc. We purchase half-speed masters, direct to disc recordings, limited edition box sets, 45 RPM reissues, and 180/200 gram pressings.

What we don’t buy

While we do buy a ton of different records across a wide variety of genres, there are certain records that we simply can’t do anything with. These include easy listening, big band, Broadway musicals, opera, most comedy LPs, Time Life and Reader’s Digest box sets, children’s stories and exercise records.

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We enjoyed having Jeremy come to our house and explain what he was interested in as he went through our records. We were satisfied with the immediate payment and just wished he'd bought more.
Wonderful company to do business with. We had records that we had been trying to get rid of. We called DJ Record and they set up a time and showed up and bought them.
Great people to work with ..Christian was on time and very friendly would recommend to anybody looking to sell he is A1 ..He purchased a lot of my records for a great price..Thanks A lot DJ Records
I have had such a hard time getting rid of these records that I owned. I was crunched for time to get rid of them because I'm moving. I did an inquiry with DJ Records, and they called me the next day to set up an appointment. Jeremy arrived at my home 2 days later, and was extremely kind and friendly to my family and my pup. He went through the records and carefully explained the condition, their worth, and how the process goes. I accepted his offer, and he packed them up to ship them out. Thank you Jeremy, and the rest of the staff for being so professional and kind, and making my experience an easy going one!
Well I don't know how to begin this review me and my partner own storage and we got the opportunity to deal with Ron and his and for the first time being in this business I finally found a company that is 100% honest trustworthy and pays what the items I have recently obtained a collection of albums of close to 100,000 the owner flew in from St Louis went through the albums picked out what he wanted and explained to me in detail what I had and what it was worth paid me over and above what it should have been worth totally honest I can't rave about this company enough I recommend this company to every person in the industry and anybody who even has a small collection albums to call DJ if you want to get the best price for your albums they are honest sincere and I hope to work with them more in the future I know I will deal with nobody else but them and neither will my partner great people great service honest there's nothing more I can say but this is definitely a dynamite great company to work for I could have been cheated out of all of my albums by numerous other dealers that tried to get it for nothing until I got with DJ records and I finally got the truth and a fair price over Fair
I was selling my old records and had the pleasure of working with Scott and Jeremy from Dj Records USA. I would like to send a huge thank you to both gentlemen, they were so lovely to collaborate with.First, Scott's communication from our first conversation to our last made me feel so comfortable and warm. I could feel the joy in his voice while speaking with him.Secondly, Jeremy was so poised and professional. I loved his honesty. Being a single woman I was a little nervous about someone entering my home. I knew from the moment I opened the door, I would be safe with Jeremy. I was so delighted to have Jeremy in my home.Lastly, I truly enjoyed my experience working with Dj Records USA. I will recommend your company to anyone I come in contact with that needs to sell records. Your company has two angels working at DjRecords and I am so thankful.
John arrived as expected. Very friendly, knowledgeable. Scanned our collection and very honest.
The staff at DJ Records were courteous and timely. Scott kept me abreast of the timetable for the Buyer's (John) arrival. John arrived right on time and examined not only my LPs , but also examined my collection of 45s. (for which I had not prepared) He went through every record that I owned and chose those which he wanted to purchase. I received a reasonable price for the LPs and 45s. I would readily do business with DJ Records again.
I was very appreciative of Jeremy’s professionalism and understanding of my connection to my collection of vinyls which has been with me for a number years. I was trusting of DjRecords’ handling of my collection because of Jeremy. He made my parting with them easier than I expected.
Superb professionals all around. Scott handled all the arrangements and Jeremy handled the purchase of my records. Personable, respectful, honest, and fair. Overall an exceptional service by any standards, but especially by the standards of today's world. They are as good as merchants of the 50s and 60s--those who treated customers as they, themselves, would wish to be treated by a vendor. A GREAT, GREAT COMPANY. Thank Scott, and thanks Jeremy!
DJ Records stayed in touch with me through the pandemic and waited until I was ready to let people come into my house. When they did, they were all busines: assessed my LP collection, made what I thought was a very fair offer, paid cash on the barrelhead, and took everything away. Bada bing bada boom. Bought my turntable too! Very efficient and professional, highly recommended if you are looking to offload all or part of your LPs.
What a great experience! Ron came and offered us much knowledge about records and was kind and honest concerning our collection. He left leaving us with a good feeling and our finances improved. If you want an honest company to help you sell your collectibles you will find it with DJ Records.
Nice exchange on Saturday, March 13, 2021. Christian was organized and very professional in representing the Company when both sides negotiated a fair price for the albums he purchased. He was pleasant and shared his knowledge about music and in turn was open to learning some new information from us. Glad to do business with you and continued success to everyone connected with djrecordsusa.
I had a wonderful time with the buyer they sent to my home .his name was Jeremy he was very professional and honest.i would sell again to them and recommend all my friends and family to them. Jo from stone mountain ga
This Review will be Honest , just like Ron was when he came to see what we had to offer. I was in charge of helping an 82+ move from house to an apartment and inheriting i think it was around 1500+ records consisting of jazz, rock and roll, big band , and some singles . Not knowing what we had on our hands i did a ton of research and even visited some local shops here is Vegas to finally come across DJ Records with the best reviews. After sending a quick e mail explaining my situation i was contacted by phone and asked to send a small picture with list to give them an idea of what they might be interested in. After i sent the e mail i was told to expect a phone call in the near future regarding a buyer being in my area ... which is super amazing they fly out to you!! about a month or so later i got confirmation that a buyer would be in the area and they asked if i was still interested in selling which of coarse i was. Ron was amazing he came to the house taking his time counting and looking at each album spent about a good 2 hours or so with a 15 min break cause there was so many.. after the last record was looked at he sat and thought about a fair price but asking us first. we were honest with him and really had no idea what to ask for so he stated a totally fair price that we agreed on. He came completely prepared with his own boxes and tape which was a huge help really the whole experience was amazing. one thing i can suggest to buyers is please be patient with him and its a huge help to have a dolly handy to help him out . so all in all 10 out of 10 and in some cases crank is up to 11!! lol spinal tap. Thank you again Ron !!!
I'm the executor of an estate that had a huge record collection. When the university inheriting the albums couldn't accept the bequest due to storage problems, I began looking for a buyer. DJ Records was recommended to me by the appraiser I'm working with and I couldn't be happier with the experience. After emailing DJ Records, they quickly contacted me and scheduled an appointment to review the collection. Their driver, Eric, arrived on time, was efficient, knowledgeable and pleasant. A very fair offer was made and accepted. I received a wire transfer for the full amount within minutes. Their administrative support was great to deal with as well, and kept me informed each step of the process. I highly recommend DJ Records!
When we called DJ Records to inquire about selling our records, they were professional and knowledgeable. The driver, Aaron, arrived promptly, was polite and quickly made us an offer. It was a very nice experience and we highly recommend them.
I'd recently came into a large record collection, and I needed to sell it, because I really didn't have to room to store it. The DJ Records folks came over, and looked through it. I'm not a dummy when it comes to record prices, I figured they'd come over and low ball me. But, I knew I had some gems, and I was surprised that they were honest enough to tell me that... offered me a fair price for everything. Everyone was really cool. They took the records and I was happy with the money, what more could I have asked for?
From start to finish, I had an exceptional experience with DJ Records. Ron is very attentive and made the process effortless for me. I felt comfortable dealing with DJ Records after reading the great BBB reviews; I was not disappointed. I highly recommend reaching out to Ron at DJ Records for honest, fair, and trustworthy service! All of my expectations have been exceeded!
Transacting with DJ Records was easy and quick. Their pricing was fair and their service stellar, Ron was honest and forthright on all stages of the interaction. Very positive experience selling over 25K in vinyl.
I've had an excellent experience in dealing with DJ Records. Their personnel, Ron Ramey in particular, are knowledgeable, fair, professional, accommodating, respectful and just plain personable. I highly recommend this company to anyone contemplating selling their vinyl record collection.
I had a excellent experience with buyer Ron Ramey he was very knowledgeable of my vinyl records which he purchased at a good price good job DJ records
I had a very pleasant experience with DJ records. They were prompt , courteous and very professional. I was offered a fair price and treated with respect. I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to sell their record collection!
Great experience! The two representatives (Ron & Jason) were professional and treated me with respect. Offered price was fair and the transaction was quick and easy. Highly Recommend using DJ records for selling your vinyl. Dan Miller, Littlestown, PA